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As global FC compliance experts, Lysis Advisory has an extensive track record of helping firms to successfully achieve and maintain FC compliance by focusing on providing consulting services across the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) landscape with the distinct objective of reducing the short and long-term costs linked to compliance.


Financial Crime Compliance

All firms must review their AML and broader FC programmes on a regular basis to ensure that it conforms to current regulatory requirements and are fit for purpose. With ever changing legislation, all firms should be vigilant in identifying and protecting themselves against potential money laundering activities to avoid financial scrutiny and hefty fines.


clients we have assisted with their Financial Crime Compliance activities

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Client Lifecycle Management

We have the necessary skills and experience to assist your firm to compile, review and optimise FC controls across the entire client lifecycle management (CLM) process since we focus on the overall chain of client activities.This will encourage retention, improve customer experiences, and maximise profitability for the firm while remaining fully compliant.


Permissions including Crypto Asset Registrations and Support

We assist firms to obtain the required regulatory permissions to carry on regulated activities. This includes permission to register and trade as a crypto asset firm. Following a successful registration, Lysis can offer additional support in a regulated market. This includes the design, development, implementation, and enhancement of an effective and robust Financial Crime framework which meets the regulator’s requirements and expectations.  Our expertise also includes thorough preparations for regulatory visits and recommendations e.g., after a UK Section 166 intervention. These recommendations include the rewriting of procedures and policies to meet requirements successfully.


Helping you to remain compliant, always.

We have an extensive track record of helping firms to successfully achieve and maintain FC compliance

Health Checks

A health check refers to a high-level review of the design of a framework and can identify major problem areas in a framework.

Maturity Assessments

A maturity assessment is more advanced and provides a detailed review of a firm’s framework which includes the testing of the effectiveness of the framework itself.

CLM Efficiency Improvement

We can assist firms to adjust to reach a level of realignment which is followed by transformation to ultimately reach compliance optimisation.

Section 166 Reviews

We understand the challenges during each step of a Section 166 review and draws on an experienced team of highly skilled individuals who understand the scope of the review and the reviewer’s and regulator’s expectations.

CLM Cost Reduction Modelling

When a CLM efficiency model is implemented correctly, firms are very likely to achieve a total saving of approximately 58% in their third year.

Best Practice Operating Model

We have developed a best practice CLM operating model which can be applied to ensure that all elements of a firm’s ecosystem are considered with the objective of optimising all touch points.

Policy & Procedures

We have the necessary experience to advice firms regarding the design of effective policies and the writing of supporting procedures to ensure compliance and operational efficiency, in line with the strategic business objectives.

Effectiveness of FC Controls

To optimise firms’ FC controls, requires an increase in effectiveness of processes along with a dedicated focus on high efficiency which will facilitate sustainable processes to demonstrate effective FC controls under scrutiny.

Crypto Asset Registration

We have successfully assisted firms with complex and contentious regulatory aspects regarding crypto asset registration. Specifically, we can provide guidance and practical assistance to ensure that your firm’s preparations for a crypto asset application to meet regulatory standards.

Smart Regulatory Technology Choices

We assist firms in selecting the right Regulatory Technology (RegTech) that is aligned with their bespoke operational nuances because we know first-hand that, over time, firms develop both generic and unique operating characteristics.


Case Studies

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Consulting & Advisory
White labelling strategy and business case

A leading Contract of Differences (CFD) broker, part of a larger financial services conglomerate believed they had a market-leading CFD platform and wished to white-label to smaller brokers and potential competitors to offer to their customers.

Consulting & Advisory
Maturity Assessment

A major Egyptian bank with UK operations had a requirement to identify possible AML and CTF gaps and suggested improvements.

Consulting & Advisory
MLRO Support for a Crypto Asset Exchange

A UK domiciled crypto exchange with global reach had a regulatory requirement for crypto Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) support.

Consulting & Advisory
Market Abuse Legislation Review and MLRO Support

A prominent security services firm that forms part of a French multinational investment bank and financial services company asked Lysis to assist with the securities/back-office function within the multinational investment bank.

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