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Lysis Group delivers a unique combination of expert consulting, managed services, training, resourcing and an innovations lab in Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM). We provide these services to financial service institutions including wholesale and investment banks, wealth managers, challenger banks and organisations from a range of other regulated industries, plus cryptocurrency related businesses.


With this unique, interconnected combination of services, deliberately chosen to compliment and strengthen each other, Lysis creates a significant differentiation from other providers in this market.

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Lysis Financial delivers expert consulting in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), AML Reviews and Maturity Assessments, policies and procedures and preparation for regulatory visits and regulatory remediation (e.g. after a UK Section 166 intervention). In Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), we have experience of defining CLM strategies, operating models and frameworks including policies and procedures for Client On-Boarding (COB) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

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Lysis Operations offers AML Execution for client on-boarding, refresh and remediation including client outreach, due diligence, regulatory classification, PEPs, sanctions and screening.  In addition to AML Transaction Monitoring execution. 

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Lysis Academy provides practical and bespoke AML and KYC training to develop teams of analysts, structured team development (Hire-Train-Deploy) and continuous professional development (CPD). In addition, we can offer training needs assessment and training programme development. We also partner with Cass Business School (City of London University) and offer a Post-Graduate Certificate in AML and Financial Crime Prevention. 

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Lysis Fintech combines our expertise in technology and data with our broad experience in Financial Crime Compliance and Client Lifecycle Management. Using our deep knowledge of these two areas, Lysis Fintech has identified and tested a wide range of solutions across several key AML and KYC processes, utilising our Innovation Lab capability. With this understanding, we have developed a range of unique solutions to some of the most challenging issues. 

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The objective of establishing this group provides a central forum for AML & KYC professionals to explore and understand how to transform and improve the AML & KYC industry. With extensive inefficiency and growing costs currently associated with operating AML & KYC processes, this group provides a range of information, ideas, research, thought-leadership, lessons learnt and debate on how to change and improve the AML & KYC industry and build a better future for anything related to AML & KYC operations. Overall, the Group aims to provide AML & KYC leaders with insights and tools to help improve their own existing operations and as a Group drive the AML & KYC industry forwards.


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