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Lysis Group is an international governance and compliance advisory and business services group focused on the financial markets and other regulated sectors such as digital assets, gaming and real estate.  We service a global client list from offices in London, New York, Singapore, Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris.  Our client list includes global players in capital markets, corporate and investment banking, wealth management, retail banking, fund management, payment services, gaming, digital assets and real estate.

We are leading experts

Our teams have extensive experience in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), Know Your Customer (KYC) and other financial crime requirements.

Consulting & Advisory
Helping firms to achieve and maintain FC Compliance

As global FC compliance experts, Lysis Advisory has an extensive track record of helping firms to successfully achieve and maintain FC compliance by focusing on providing consulting services across the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) landscape with the distinct objective of reducing the short-and long-term costs linked to compliance.

Financial Crime Compliance

With ever changing legislation, all firms should be vigilant in identifying and protecting themselves against potential money laundering activities.

Client Lifecycle Management

We have the necessary skills and experience to assist your firm to compile, review and optimise FC controls across the entire client lifecycle management (CLM) process.

Regulatory Permissions Support

We assist firms to obtain the required regulatory permissions to carry on regulated activities. This includes permission to register and trade as a crypto asset firm. Lysis can offer additional support in a regulated market.

Smart Regulatory Technology Choices

We assist firms in selecting the right Regulatory Technology (RegTech) that is aligned with their bespoke operational nuances because we know first-hand that, over time, firms develop both generic and unique operating characteristics.

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Operations & Resourcing
Cost-effective & Award-winning Managed Services

Lysis Operations can make a real difference because since 2001, we have established a solid reputation as a global leader in the field of financial crime compliance. We deliver a unique and cost-effective combination of superior service offerings across the full spectrum of financial crime compliance including client on-boarding, ongoing monitoring screening support, Know Your Customer (KYC) remediation & refresh, transaction monitoring remediation & real-time alerts review and our award-winning managed services.

KYC Operations

From KYC Remediations to Screening to Transaction Monitoring, we offer coverage across the entire CLM spectrum.

Operational Risk Management

Our Managed Service Operational Risk Management Framework (ORMF) has been designed to integrate at all levels and to consider new activities.

On-shore / Near Shore

Our well-established on-shore capability in the U.K. and our efficient near-shore capability in Cape Town, South Africa are both professionally equipped to provide bespoke CLM and AML services and support to all our global clients in a very cost-effective manner.

Expert Resources

All our staff are experienced and cross-trained in AML, KYC, and other financial crime requirements.

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Capability Standardisation
Optimising the People factor

While firms continue to standardise processes and controls to increase effectiveness and efficiency and invest heavily in automation, the “people” factor is not always taken into consideration for optimisation. As a result, the work output across teams and between teams, in different locations is often inconsistent and of variable quality. In addition, firms, small and large, run significant inefficiencies across FC operations which could lead to a substantial increase in the cost of compliance.

Exploring Aptitude

Our methodology allows us to identify the profiles of high-performing FC Know Your Customer (KYC) analysts.

Expanding Capability

Analyst's knowledge and capability throughput for the duration of a project/programme is tested using our E-Learning & E-Assessment platform.

Operational Effectiveness

Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) play a vital role to ensure that the outcome of each analyst review is in line with the relevant standards.

Effective Management

Management Information (MI) covers capability performances and are purposely refined to be integrated into the Reporting Governance structure.

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Gaming Compliance
Governance & Compliance Advisory, Operations and Academy for Gaming & Payments

Lysis Gaming Compliance is our specialist division which provides our advisory, operations and training services to the gaming market. Customers include regulatory and licensing authorities, major global on-line gaming and gambling firms and smaller players.  We also have extensive experience of working with banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and often interface between banks, PSPs and the gaming sector for account opening and related activities.

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Supporting your firm

We are perfectly positioned to support a number of different industries on a global scale. This is due to our unique, interconnected combination of services which have been developed deliberately to compliment and strengthen each other as well as to create a significant differentiation from other providers in the market.

Global Banks

Optimisation of financial crime (FC) controls has become a key focus point for firms, but this must be achieved in a cost-effective way, without compromising effectiveness or efficiency. We have the know-how to optimise your firm’s FC controls while reducing the short-and long-term costs linked to compliance.

Starting Up

For many early-stage, fast-growing firms, implementing anti-money laundering compliance controls and processes can be a challenge, especially as the business model evolves over time. We have the required expertise to help your start-up firm with their specific FC needs, in a cost-effective manner.

Investment Banks

Firms often fail to recognise that bribery and corruption could significantly impede their growth and undermine their long-standing reputations.  We have the necessary skills and expertise to help your firm with robust KYC processes and comprehensive anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) policies.

Insurance Firms

As the global demand for more transparent work ethics increases, fraud continues to be a major focus point for regulators. Therefore, having effective financial crime (FC) controls in place has become a priority for firms. We can help your firm with the design and implementation of a robust AML framework.

Crypto Asset Firms

In recent years, the crypto asset landscape expanded rapidly and the regulations to govern this environment have also evolved exponentially. We can assist your firms with complex and contentious regulatory aspects regarding registration. We can also offer additional support in a regulated market. This includes the design, development, implementation, and enhancement of effective and robust FC frameworks to meet global regulators’ requirements and expectations in a sustainable manner.

Non-Financial Firms

Bribery and corruption often contradict the ESG objectives which is why global regulators and supervisory institutions are gradually applying a more focussed approach to the link between ESG and financial crime (FC). We have a unique blend of experience and specialised expertise to help your firm with the design and implementation of a robust AML framework.

Case studies

We have worked with firms like yours

As financial crime compliance experts, we can support financial service institutions including wholesale and investment banks, payment services and cards, wealth managers, challenger banks and firms from a range of other regulated industries, including crypto asset firms.

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Consulting & Advisory
White labelling strategy and business case
A leading Contract of Differences (CFD) broker
Consulting & Advisory
Maturity Assessment
A major Egyptian bank with UK operations
Operations & Resourcing
Screening Managed Service
A European investment bank.
Gaming Compliance
Regulatory Permissions for a Global Payment Services Firm
Global Payment Services Firm

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Meet our global leadership team who drives the firm’s strategic financial crime compliance goals and tactical objectives in a collaborative manner.

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Let us update you on all the latest news and trends that take place in the financial crime environment across the globe. You can look forward to industry news, statistical insights as well as us sharing our views on key aspects.

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January 31, 2023
Crypto asset registration applications: getting it right the first time

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