Capability Standardisation

While firms continue to standardise processes and controls to increase effectiveness and efficiency and invest heavily in automation, the “people” factor is not always taken into consideration for optimisation. As a result, the work output across teams and between teams, in different locations is often inconsistent and of variable quality. In addition, firms, small and large, run significant inefficiencies across FC operations which could lead to a substantial increase in the cost of compliance.

Efficient and Effective

Innovative Methodology

Lysis has developed an innovative methodology and tool to help FC operations to gain better control and manage FC teams effectively and efficiently. From a cost perspective, it delivers a scalable solution to balance experience and team size and structure to deliver efficiencies with a direct effect on the bottom line.


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standardisation of capabilities

A Fresh Approach

We pride ourselves on setting a high level of standardisation of capabilities which serves as a differentiator in the market and speaks to our solid track record as market leaders in the field of financial crime compliance. Lysis is therefore uniquely qualified to assist firms with the standardisation of capabilities due to our extensive level of experience and because of the measurable output that our tailored methodology can offer clients. When output can be measured and scaled, it can be managed more accurately in line with operational efficiency and costs.


Helping you to remain compliant, always.

  • Exploring Aptitude

    Lysis’ methodology uses proprietary benchmarks with the psychometric work profiling tool called “PRISM”, which has been refined to identify the profiles of high-performing FC Know Your Customer (KYC) analysts.

  • Expanding Capability

    Lysis also utilises the ‘Rogo’ assessment tool which is a bespoke e-learning and e-assessment tool tailored to the specific policies, procedures, and processes of firms and provides ongoing assessments of each analyst’s knowledge and capability throughput for the duration of a project/programme.

  • Measuring Operational Effectiveness

    This is where the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) play a vital role to ensure that the outcome of each analyst review is in line with the relevant standards that were set out within the client’s policies, procedures, and processes.

  • Active and Effective Management

    The Management Information (MI) covers capability performances and are purposely refined to be integrated into the Reporting Governance structure. This will inform effective decisions across all FC operations and allow for early interventions resulting in significant cost savings.


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Delivering bespoke Crypto Asset related Financial Crime training

A UK-based Crypto custodian with a global reach need to meet a regulatory requirement for all personnel to undergo specific training successfully delivered by Lysis.

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