Operations & Resourcing

Lysis Operations can make a real difference because since 2001, we have established a solid reputation as a global leader in the field of financial crime compliance. We deliver a unique and cost-effective combination of superior service offerings across the full spectrum of financial crime compliance including client on-boarding, ongoing monitoring screening support, Know Your Customer (KYC) remediation & refresh, transaction monitoring remediation & real-time alerts review and our award-winning managed services.


KYC Operations

Our complete service offerings provide coverage across the full spectrum of client on-boarding, client outreach, due diligence, regulatory classification, management of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), screening and ongoing monitoring of screening alerts, KYC refresh and anti-money laundering (AML) remediation services.


successful projects completed timeously


invested to improve our Award-winning managed service

Governance Framework & MI

Operational Risk Management

Lysis Operations make use of a market leading operational risk framework and follows best practice industry standards. Our Managed Service Operational Risk Management Framework (ORMF) has been designed to integrate at all levels and to consider new activities. It operates as a continual cyclical process which includes risk assessment, risk decision making and the implementation of risk controls which result in the acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance of risk.


On-shore / Near Shore

Our well-established on-shore capability in the U.K. and our experience in developing off-shore KYC delivery centres have served as the springboard for the establishment of our near-shore operating centre in Cape Town, South Africa, which is professionally equipped to provide bespoke CLM and AML services and support to all our global clients.


Helping you to remain compliant, always.

We deliver a unique and cost-effective combination of superior service offerings across the full spectrum of Financial Crime Compliance.

KYC Operations

We have a distinct client focus which is why we are always on the lookout for process improvements and will make recommendations to clients, where necessary. As a result, we have seen the benefits of cross-trained staff, first hand, especially when it comes to delivering seamless operations in the most cost-effective manner.

Transaction Monitoring

Whilst transaction monitoring and customer screening rely heavily on automated systems and technologies, it is equally important to ensure that the people employed to manage the process and the outputs of these systems are adequately skilled and well resourced.

Customer Screening

The screening processes rely on both small and large teams of specialised analysts who manually review transactional data information which can lead to a significant cost for a firm. We apply a cost-effective four-stage process for initiating, running, and completing transaction monitoring remediation projects.

Expert KYC Resources

All our staff are experienced and cross-trained in AML, KYC, and other financial crime requirements. We deploy teams of expert KYC managers, KYC analysts and quality assurance (QA) analysts within a rigorous quality assurance framework to ensure efficient, high-quality case execution in your business environment.

Award-winning Managed Service

Our award-winning managed service offering is fully configured to suit firms' individual risk appetites and operational controls and are perfectly adaptable to meet firms’ policy requirements in a dovetailed manner.

Effective Team Structures

The size of our teams can vary from five to 200 expert analysts, review teams and management, and is dependent on the unique client requirements. When it comes to procedural requirements or volume changes, our teams are rapidly scalable to manage any increase in the workload.


Case Studies

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Operations & Resourcing
Transaction Monitoring and KYC resourcing

A crypto asset firm domiciled in the US asked Lysis to support the firm’s financial crime framework and policy creation for transaction monitoring across the UK, US, and for the rest of the firm’s global customer base to improved risk management, quality and increased operational efficiency.

Operations & Resourcing
Screening Managed Service

A European investment bank had a surge in hits from screening and on-going monitoring in relation to PEPs, sanctions and adverse media monitoring.

Operations & Resourcing
Transaction Monitoring

A European Retail Bank with over 4000 employees globally had a tight regulatory deadline to review five years of transactions to identify suspicious transaction and cases of money laundering and/or terrorist funding.

Operations & Resourcing
Delivering fully outsourced and secure KYC operations

The client is incorporated in Ireland as an Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV). The client is an American investment fund which specialises in lending large amounts of money to various entities ranging from listed entities to unregulated entities based in the USA.

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