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CLM Efficiency Improvement

Lysis Financial can assist firms to determine their exact level of compliance and to identify the various controls that must be adjusted to reach a level of realignment which is followed by transformation to ultimately reach compliance optimisation.

The methodology is applied across the three main components of any firm namely people, processes, and technology to ensure alignment through all sectors of the business. We can therefore help firms to achieve optimisation, no matter their level of compliance, and this is obtained through consulting, intervention, and a process of standardisation.

The diagnostic process is applied across the following areas:

Team Diagnostics

Lysis utilises our bespoke team diagnostic tool to assess the compliance level and the way in which the CLM/FC/AML operation teams perform and to identify challenges that reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the team. We also use a PRISM team assessment tool to understand the related challenges and assess performance vs. targets, team structures, the firm’s communication and leadership strategies, decision-making, trust, camaraderie, values, and overall alignment.

CLM Efficiency Reviews

We use our bespoke CLM efficiency model to assess the efficiency of your firm’s CLM operating model. We access measured data points to analyse quantifiable aspects of efficiency and calculate comparable ratios and coefficients. We use questionnaires to gather and assess qualitative data. We look at dimensions such as location, backlogs and control breaches, management information (MI) and visibility, governance and oversight, process efficiency, cost per customer, team, and individual effectiveness (from the team diagnostic, PRISM tool and training needs assessment) and technology effectiveness (from the technology effectiveness review).

Assessments & Capability Development

We utilise a capability development assessment process to identify omissions in the knowledge and understanding of members of the CLM/FC/AML operations team. We apply tailored PRISM aptitude benchmarks to help assess if analysts are assigned to the correct roles. To understand perceptions and dynamics, we can conduct interviews with stakeholders and team members to form an independent view or we can work collaboratively with team management to gain insight.

Technology Effectiveness Review

We review dimensions such as functional support, data management, user experience, STP (straight through processing) rates, stability, performance, and cost. We also consider the flexibility of the applications and the underlying technology platforms.


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