The optimum balance between cost effectiveness, efficiency, and quality

Firms are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies and to reduce costs which is why more firms are considering the benefits of utilising an on-shore/near-shore operating model.

Near-shore resources offer many unique benefits without any comprise to the quality of services. Lysis has well-established on-shore and near-shore capabilities in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific countries (APAC) which served as the springboard for our operating centre in Cape Town, South Africa (SA). We are very proud of our unique SA-based near-shore team that are professionally equipped to provide bespoke client lifecycle management (CLM) and anti-money laundering (AML) services and support to all our global clients. Strengthening our service capabilities Affordability and sustainability are emerging as key objectives for firms in their quest to achieve financial crime (FC) compliance while trying to manage the spiralling costs linked to this. Since 2001, our solid track record of helping firms to successfully achieve and maintain FC compliance has a distinct focus on reducing the costs linked to compliance and at the same time, promote sustainability. This unique combination has served our clients very well over the years and strengthens our service capabilities even further in terms of cost-effectiveness and manpower. In fact, our high-quality, near-shore resources can be as little as 50% of our competitive on-shore rates. The benefits are multiple A typical team structure for CLM/AML operations consists of 20% on-shore and 80% near-shore resourcing. Our extensive level of experience indicates that for many firms the optimum balance of cost effectiveness, efficiency, and quality are achieved by using an on-shore/near-shore model.

We cover the full scope of CLM/AML operations including client on-boarding, client outreach, Know Your Customer (KYC) /client due diligence, client screening, sanctions, transaction monitoring and off-boarding. Our on-shore/near-shore team structure, we also provide experienced CLM/AML operation managers to run the teams. From a cost perspective, it is important to balance experience and team size. For this reason, we specialise in experienced CLM/AML staff and deploy structured teams to each client with appropriate levels of experience as operations management, compliance, and AML analyst staff. Lysis is synchronised with the on-going development of our clients’ policies, procedures and systems and will maintain a training deck for introducing new personnel (either from Lysis or from the client) to the team.

They will also be involved with the Quality Assurance team in understanding quality aspects and the required remedial training needed. This model ensures that surge resources deployed are properly trained on our clients’ way of working. The best of both worlds Our successful on-shore/near-shore operating model offers clients the best of both worlds because we deliver bespoke CLM and AML services and support, to all our global clients, at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality or sustainability.

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