Sustainable financial crime compliance

Having effective and efficient procedures for financial crime compliance are not only a legal requirement but are an essential business practice. This results in firms having robust financial protocols in place which can limit the damaging effects of criminal activities and protects a firm’s reputation, customers, partners, and employees.


The regulatory landscape necessitates the need for policies and controls that rely on experienced and capable operational resources as well as adequate systems and processes, but this can be very time consuming and costly for firms. This is where Lysis Group can make a real difference.


Since 2001, Lysis has established itself as a global leader in the field of Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM). We deliver a unique combination of expert consulting,on-shore/near-shore managed services, standardisation of capabilities through certification and resourcing on almost every continent. Our expertise also extends to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management.

We deliver a unique and cost-effective combination of superior service offerings across the full spectrum of client on-boarding, ongoing monitoring screening support, Know Your Customer (KYC) remediation &refresh, transaction monitoring and screening remediation & real-time alerts review and our award-winning managed services. Having a global footprint, we can assist and support our clients on a global scale because we have the expertise to work with global jurisdictional standards.


Partner with the right expertise

·       Lysis Group is a specialist Financial Crime Compliance and Client Lifecycle Management firm offering consultancy, compliance services, CLM/AML Operations teams and training.

·       Our on-shore capability in the U.K. and our experience in developing off-shore Know Your Customer (KYC) delivery centers enabled us to establish our near-shore CLM/AML Operations Center in Cape Town,South Africa.

·       A typical team structure for CLM/AML Operations is 20% on-shore and 80% off-shore.  We find this delivers the optimum balance ofcustomer service, quality and cost effectiveness.

·       We cover the full scope of CLM/AML Operations including client on-boarding, client outreach, KYC/CDD, customer screening, sanctions, transaction monitoring and off-boarding.  We also provide experienced CLM/AML Operations Managers to run the teams.

·       We offer the “right-size” experience because we specialise in experienced CLM/AML staff and deploy structured teams to each client with appropriately experienced levels of operations management,compliance and AML analyst staff. We only deploy junior analysts where the work is straightforward.

·       We value quality certification since all our CLM/AML Operations personnel, regardless of location, go through the same structured career and capability development process and we test and certify staff at each level.

·       We also invest in the bespoke capability to train, test, and certify our staff on our clients’ policies & procedures which enhances quality and productivity and decreases time to effectiveness for new teams and new personnel in existing teams.

·       We offer cost-effective solutions because our high-quality near-shore resources can be as little as 50% of our competitive on-shore rates.

Our unique end-to-end service offerings provide coverage across the full spectrum of client on-boarding, periodic reviews, and KYC remediation. This means that Lysis definitely has the capabilities, expertise and infrastructure needed by firms to fully comply with regulatory requirements in a sustainable manner.

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