Our fully configured managed service offering

In any regulated industry, firms must consider how they can improve the quality and performance of their customer operations. Questions regarding compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and the efficiency and effectiveness of operations can prevent the firm from reaching its full potential. This is where Lysis Group can unlock business value by introducing their managed service offering. Lysis has been shaping, designing, and implementing client lifestyle management (CLM) services and anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring frameworks and target operating models for global financial institutions for more than 20 years. Our managed service is a bespoke and end-to-end solution which meets all firms’ CLM and AML requirements by making use of established industry infrastructure that Lysis implement, manage, and maintain as part of the service offering. A dovetailed approach The managed service offering is fully configured to suit firms’ individual risk appetite and operational controls and perfectly adaptable to meet firms’ policy requirements in a dovetail manner. From the start, firms can rest assure that their business operations will adhere to AML regulatory requirements by gaining access to a wealth of experienced analysts. This could result in a rise in profitability due to a reduction in operational errors, faster customer on-boarding and reduced operational costs over the long-term. This is because Lysis continues to invest in smart technologies which improve operational efficiency. Our managed service is an excellent quality and performance inducing initiative which is built on three core components including people, process, and technology. Lysis has robust processes designed with the end customer in mind that integrate seamlessly with detailed and tailored process flow for each step in the lifecycle. The core components of our managed services Process data allows Lysis to generate insightful management information which is utilised to drive many aspects of governance with a strong focus on key performance indicators. Our operational risk framework performs as a continuous cycle that is integrated at all levels. The managed service model utilises industry leading technology platforms that enable Lysis to generate reliable management information. Highly specialised analysts We pride ourselves on our personnel because our teams are carefully selected using advanced techniques and benchmarks and they are fully trained, tested, and certified. These team members are highly specialised and experienced, with our senior staff having more than 15 years’ experience in running complex operations. We invest in upskilling our analysts to ensure that they are kept up to date with firms’ changing policies. Our structured surge resourcing maximises service quality to accommodate changing risk levels. When it comes to procedural requirements, or volume changes, our teams are rapidly scalable to manage any increase in the workload. Flexible delivery means that our staff can work from our physical locations or virtually by making use of cloud encryption. Our priority is to maintain a high level of internal security with communications managed tightly. Having incorporated a distinct governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) approach in our directive, Lysis is perfectly positioned to support financial services firms including wholesale and investment banks, payment services and cards, wealth managers, challenger banks and firms from a range of other regulated industries, plus cryptocurrency related firms.

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