The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

As part of Lysis Group, Lysis Operations is a dedicated banking operations business that provides Know Your Client (KYC) file processing and remediation in addition to client on-boarding services in the wholesale financial markets. We deploy teams of expert KYC managers and analysts and a rigorous QA framework to ensure efficient, high quality case execution in your business environment. Our customers include corporate and investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds.

Services may be delivered on-site at our clients’ premises or near-shore at our secure operations centre in London. We are proud of our excellent track record in KYC and classification regimes such as MiFID and AML, which dates back to 2005. We make it our business to know your clients At Lysis, we carry out KYC checks and case handling on behalf of our clients, across all risk classifications. Furthermore, service provision is within the constructs of our customers’ process and system infrastructures, or fully outsourced to our operations centre which functions within quality-controlled and workflow-based frameworks. We are in the perfect position to assist and support our clients on a global level because we have the expertise to work with global (e.g., Joint Money Laundering Steering Group), US Client Identification programmes (CIP) and local KYC standards. In fact, Lysis has operated in regulatory regimes that include the UK, US, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland and India. We also have extensive experience across Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific. Our end-to-end service offerings provide coverage across the full spectrum of client on-boarding, periodic reviews and KYC remediation and even includes AML remediation services. The size of our teams can vary from 5 to 200 expert analysts, review teams and management, and is dependent on the unique client requirements.

Our staff is fully trained and have extensive experienced to complete high, medium and low risk cases. Team members within our secure operational centre are well equipped to assist clients with all requirements that are linked to KYC and AML services and deliver high quality output at a very competitive rate. We invest in people Lysis has a large team of experienced KYC analysts that can scale quickly and effectively, in line with client demands and within their preferred locations. To sustain the quality of our service delivery, we understand the importance of investing in people. Therefore, we have an ongoing recruitment programme where talent is identified and trained to provide the level of KYC services that our clients expect from us. Hence, all staff with less than one year of ‘hands-on’ KYC experience, are fully trained via a three-month intensive KYC training programme at Lysis Academy, prior to deployment as analysts.

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