Highly skilled resources: a valuable investment

The Lysis Group has been operating in the Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) and Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) space for more than 20 years. During this time, we have built up a large network of experts and specialists with whom we engage on a regular basis. These collaborative initiatives have helped us to establish a solid reputation of having instant access to a large talent pool of highly skilled professionals and subject matter experts. This has served us well over the years and created a lot of goodwill in the industry. We have also developed our resourcing technology further so that we can respond to demand quickly.

The inside track

From an in-house perspective, all our FCC analysts are on a consistent career path, where we develop their financial crime skills, conduct regular quality assurance, and certify them according to their different levels of skills, as their developmental journey matures. This is done to ensure optimal standardisation and to add value to business as usual (BAU) processes or projects from the start. We also ensure the standards are maintained which drives significant savings and help firms to meet the regulatory commitments and obligations consistently.

We have established a substantial database, from where we can select and pair analysts with the right projects, very quickly. We also work with these skilled analysts on client projects and manage them accordingly. This allows for significant insight into the various analysts’ capabilities, their levels of knowledge, and unique skillsets.

Generally, the work that our teams perform, happens on a fixed-term basis which means that they rotate from project to project and as a result, constantly expand their expertise and knowledge base. At Lysis, we keep track of this and can therefore rapidly scale teams based on bespoke client requirements; something that very few FCC firms can do. This has led to the establishment of solid, long-term relationships with many of our clients where we are often asked to consult on additional FCC and CLM requirements.

Building out capabilities

Given our extensive experience and distinguished training record, we can train and upskill resources to become operational and more efficient FCC analysts over time, when their user-case skills are linked to specific projects at more competitive rates. We can do this as we provide continual support particularly to develop junior employees, in line with the ever-changing regulatory environment and corresponding internal policy and procedural updates. We have the capabilities to achieve this successfully because of our outcome-based approach to training with a strong focus on practical applications.

However, before any analysts are paired with client projects, they are assessed by making use of a psychometric work profiling tool called PRISM which has been refined to identify the profiles of high-performing analysts. By making use of this tool to benchmark successful FCC analysts, Lysis can assess analysts’ specific FCC aptitudes, in combination with targeted interviews and knowledge testing. This method can be utilised to build capabilities for resourcing, both for inexperienced and experienced FCC and CLM staff and can be applied during the hiring stage or at any time during the life cycle of a project.

Furthermore, due to our comprehensive data base and large network of skilled analysts, we constantly receive and record feedback from clients which serves as another point of reference when pairing analysts with client projects. For this reason, there is enormous value in having an extended reach when it comes to selecting highly skilled FCC and CLM analysts because it can provide credible confirmation of existing information and offers additional insight, especially when teams must be scaled in a rapid manner.

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