Damilola Taylor Trust Career Pathway Programme: Work in The City

“The Damilola Taylor Trust (DTT) was established in May 2001 in memory of Damilola Taylor who was tragically killed in 2000 by an act of violence by two boys not much older than him. The Damilola Taylor Trust (DTT) is committed to providing inner-city youths with opportunities to play, learn, and live their lives free of fear and violence, and with optimism for a future where opportunities flourish”. Friday the 27th of November 2020 marks the 20 year anniversary of his death. Since 2016, Lysis has been supporting the Damilola Taylor Trust Career Pathway Programme: Work in The City The objective of the Programme is to provide participants from disadvantaged backgrounds with experience and insight into working in the financial services industry. The Programme covers a number of different roles and aspects, working in a number of different areas including Anti-money Laundering, IT support, and Generalist Corporate roles. Since 2016, Lysis has: Sponsored over 50 young people from the DTT on the City Career Pathway Programme (CCPP). Given one/two-month, paid internships to over 20 DTT CPP candidates.

Provided training scholarship to over 30 young people from the DTT CCPP. Offered full-time, permanent employment to a DTT CPP intern. Lysis recognises the need to proactively engage with various members of the community in addition to its core work with financial institutions. It is for this reason that Lysis has been actively collaborating with the DTT to help deliver their CCPP “Work in The City”, which aims to expose individuals from less favourable backgrounds to professional working experience in the financial services industry. Research has shown that violence rates amongst individuals from challenged backgrounds is higher compared to those coming from more affluent backgrounds, who also manage to land better jobs. Lysis is the primary sponsor of the DTT CCPP and supports the programme in the following ways: - Two-day Career Workshop - This two-day workshop event held once a year aims to provide the DTT CCPP candidates with an understanding of the City of London and its financial services industry and to familiarise them with CV-writing, interviewing process, and other job-finding techniques. The workshop focuses on creating practical skills and providing the tool to put them into practice in a safe environment. - Paid internships - The paid internship scheme at Lysis has been structured to allow successful applicants to pursue some professional experience in the financial service industry whether in IT, in KYC, Anti-money Laundering or in generalist roles.

Summer internships last 1-2 months and during this time the intern is mentored by a team member who will help him/her understand the skills required to perform the assigned role, familiarise with the jargon of a corporate professional setting, learn/improve their professional behaviour, teamwork, and how to interact with members of the office at all levels. Some of our interns come from the DTT CCPP. - Employment - Some DTT CCPP interns go on to successfully achieve employment with Lysis where they can benefit from our Graduate and School-Leaver Training Programme. - Training We Offer Scholarships to participants of the DTT CCPP via the Lysis Academy Certification in Advanced KYC Lysis’ efforts to include diversity in its corporate setting through this scheme has been successful. In fact in 2017, more than 30 young aspiring professionals completed an internship as part of their City Careers Pathway Programme experience and many of them have found employment. This is proof of Lysis’ effective ability to approach, integrate, and retain professionals from any background in the financial service industry. One of our employees, Alex started his journey at Lysis with a 3 months internship programme in 2017 covering various roles, starting with IT, moving to office manager, to KYC Analyst. Alex is an enthusiastic, energetic character that is always keen on broadening his knowledge and skillset in many areas. Having completed the Lysis Academy KYC training, Alex is now using the knowledge he gained to carry out cases and reviews using CDD/EDD alongside screening tools and CLM systems such as KYC6 and iMeta. He has worked on two different client projects and has really developed as an analyst. Alex wants to gain more experience and utilise his people’s skills to become a team leader to encourage people and bring the best out of them to perform well on any project. Contact if you or your firm would like to support the Damilola Taylor Trust City Career Pathway Programme.

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