An Award-Winning Managed Service Offering

Our award-winning managed service offering is fully configured to suit firms'individual risk appetites and operational controls and is perfectly adaptable to meet firms’ policy requirements in a dovetailed manner. The managed service is an excellent quality and performance inducing initiative which is built on three core components including people, process, and technology. Lysis Group has robust processes designed with the end customer in mind that integrates seamlessly with detailed and tailored process flow for each step in the client lifecycle. This will protect your firm from both a representational, legal, and regulatory perspective.


Insightful management information

Process data allows Lysis to generate insightful management information which is utilised to drive many aspects of governance with a strong focus on key performance indicators. Our operational risk framework performs as a continuous cycle that is integrated at all levels. The managed service model utilises industry leading technology platforms such as iMeta, the award-winning Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) workflow and data management tool that underpins our comprehensive managed service offering.


Service Teams are managed effectively because:

•       Teams are aligned with clients and organised to support the client in the most efficient way.

•       We believe in analysts ‘owning’ the KYC process from end-to-end.

•       People and technology strategies are aligned to produce the optimum results for clients.

•       Teams work collaboratively which enable them to adopt best practices and ‘learn’ from peers and senior team leads.

•       Teams can work remotely in a seamless manner by using the appropriate tools on a secure network.

•       Communications are managed tightly between clients and their customers to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Corporater is a fully sustainable governance, performance, risk compliance (GPRC) platform that enables Lysis to generate reliable management information. The combination of market leading technology and our flagship managed service offering could explain why Lysis Group was awarded the prestigious RegTech (regulatory technology) award for Best Alliance Between Solutions Partners to Address Regulatory Compliance in 2017.


For transaction monitoring, Napier provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled specialist platform for screening and Lysis utilises this comprehensive platform which can be configured per client specifications. We can therefore,screen legal entities and individuals against all global watch lists, sanction lists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s) lists as well as for adverse media,either in bulk or individually.


Our specialist staff will review all potential hits and thoroughly document whether there are any true or false hits. All false hits will be documented with a detailed explanation, recording the reason for discounting, and will be reported to the client as-and-when agreed. Any positive hit will be escalated to the client in an agreed format and timeline, but discounted and positive hits will go through a rigorous quality assurance review as per the agreed process with the client. To add to clients’ peace of mind, screening can be carried out as often as required, including daily, weekly, or monthly batch screening. All entities and individuals will be screened automatically as soon as international watch lists and sanction lists are updated.


We pride ourselves on our personnel because our teams are carefully selected using advanced techniques and benchmarks and are fully trained, tested, and certified.These team members are highly specialised and experienced with our senior staff having more than 15 years’ experience in running complex operations.  

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