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On-boarding Target Operating Model

The merger of two global investment banks required the implementation of a single client onboarding firm structure and alignment of systems and procedure to a single global policy.

The Client

The merger of the two global investment banks.

The Challenge

The two major global investment banks had their own set of systems, procedures and clients that needed integrating into the single bank whilst continuing to on-board their new clients.The requirement included the implementation of a single client on-boarding firm structure and alignment of systems and procedures to a single global policy.

The Solution

Lysis provided experienced regulatory compliance and operational change consultants to design a suitable single solution to meet the business needs of the merged bank. A Target Operating Model which incorporated a strategic systems architecture was developed. Also, a System Integration Plan was developed to leverage the “best of breed” technology and working practices was produced. Lysis then successfully managed the execution of the programme over a 28-month period.


The Target Operating Model was implemented on a global scale and synergies which included staffing and application support were delivered. Lysis ensured that operational effectiveness, through global enablement of efficient workflow solutions, were in place and a reduction in the administrative burden on Front-Office sales-focussed staff was achieved successfully.

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