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29 March 2022

Cryptoassets in the Current Sanctions Environment

Don’t miss out on expert opinions regarding the anticipated future of crypto assets in regulated and unregulated global markets and their views on possible new regulations for these currencies. Learn first-hand how the Lysis Group, as crypto asset registration experts, can assist your organisation with complete regulatory compliance.

Principal Consultant

Sandy Gill

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22 October 2020

Explorer les contrôles à l'exportation et la réglementation commerciale sensible

Le webinaire permettra d’explorer les contrôles aux exportations et autres réglementations relatives au commerce international des produits et matériels sensibles. L’objectif de cette session sera de mettre en lumière les spécificités propres à cette régulation en forte évolution et surtout de pouvoir apporter des solutions opérationnelles pour les organisations dans l’obligation de demeurer conformes dans un environnement de plus en plus évolutif et compliqué.

International trade (export controls) advisors

Dr. Damien ROMESTANT & Peter KLEIN

11 June 2020

AML & KYC: A View from the Board

Brian Stevenson will be providing a board level insight into the AML and KYC issues which cause financial institutions the most concerns. Brian joined the Board of Investec Bank plc in September 2016 as Senior Independent Non-executive Director and served on the Prudential, Audit and Conduct Committee, the Risk and Capital Committee and the Audit Committee. In April 2018 Brian then moved to become Chair of Investec Bank plc. He is also Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee of Westpac Europe, the European subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corp.

Chairman of the Board at Investec Bank PLC

Brian Stevenson

6 May 2020

An Update On EU AML Policy Development

The update will cover the accelerated policy developments by Brussels to construct a new comprehensive EU-wide approach to AML. This will include conferring some tasks to an EU body and creating a support and coordination mechanism for Financial Intelligence Units. The EU initiative will build on the recent 5th AML Directive and the EC's July Communication to the European Parliament and the Council towards better implementation of the EU's anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism framework.

EU Financial Services Regulatory Policy Expert

Dr David Doyle

21 April 2020

Beyond Compliance, Towards Effectiveness

In this session we will pick up and explore the messages from the Wolfsberg Group and the new US Illicit Finance strategy that firms need to ensure that their financial crime risk controls are effective, not just achieving technical compliance.

Director Financial Crime Risk, BCS Consulting

Colin Darby

22 September 2020

Bringing Hope to Young People - The Benefits to Business and Society

During an extraordinary year that also marks the 20th Anniversary of Damilola Taylor’s murder, Lysis Group and the Damilola Taylor Trust will highlight the work being done by the Hope 2020 campaign to bring hope to young people in the UK, and will outline how this benefits businesses too.

Richard Taylor OBE

20 May 2020

“It was a gift from my mother…” tax, money laundering and joining the dots - what we can learn about from the Gaffey prosecution

In Feb 2020, Richard Gaffey, a Massachusetts-based accountant, pleaded guilty to wire and tax fraud, money laundering, aggravated identity theft, and other charges. He was charged along with three others in connection with a decades-long criminal scheme perpetrated by Mossack Fonseca & Co., a Panamanian-based global law firm implicated in the high profile Panama Papers leak.
In this webinar, Paul will discuss the case with financial crime and tax experts, Sam Sheen and Jayne Newton in order to understand the practical implications and lessons learned for AML compliance professionals.

Associate Director at Lysis Financial

Paul Burleton

1 May 2020

Building Sustainable High-Performing Teams

In this webinar Paul Burleton from Lysis Financial and Frank Tasker, Founder & Director at DCM will discuss the core components of building a high-performing team, tactical fixes to improve efficiency and the key mistakes that halt high team performance.

Founder & Director at DCM

Frank Tasker

15 April 2020

Supervision of ‘Obliged Entities’ Anti-Money Laundering Measures in Europe and the UK Current and Future Landscape

There are both current and proposed changes to the supervision of anti-money laundering (AML) measures by banks in the European Union which will have undoubted effects on the UK’s ability to obtain an ‘equivalence’ ruling when the UK leaves the EU on 31 December 2020

Regulatory Advisor

Cameron McNeill

17 June 2020

#COVID19 - Adapting your Financial Crime control framework during lockdown & how to transition back as lockdown eases . . .

In this webinar, Amanda will be discussing how you can adapt your Financial Crime control framework during lockdown & how to transition back as lockdown eases. Amanda has worked for Lloyds Banking Group for 33 years in a variety of roles across the Group including Branch Banking, Group Internal Audit, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, and for the last 14 years has focussed on Fraud & Financial Crime prevention.

Head of Fraud & Financial Crime Policy at Lloyds Banking Group

Amanda Parmenter

13 May 2020

A Sprint Through FATF Mutual Evaluations

This webinar Richard will attempt to demystify the Mutual Evaluation Process from initial preparations, on-site visits, assessment report and the rating evaluations. To wrap up it will ask if this is all worth it?

Director at Illicit Finance Consulting

Richard Gould

22 April 2020

Irish Investment Funds: How to Mitigate the Money Laundering Risks

Irish fund managers are under a constant threat from criminals and money launderers.

Fund managers must ensure that they are not only aware of the risks they face in this regard but additionally that they have the correct governance and controls in place to protect their managed funds from illicit activity.

Associate Director at Lysis Group

Wendy Murray

8 April 2020

Innovation in AML: A Practitioner’s View

In this Webinar, Paul will give an overview of some of the innovative technologies being deployed currently in the fight against money laundering, and provide some practical advice on how implementation can help drive AML compliance and improve efficiency.

Associate Director at Lysis Group

Paul Burleton


The objective of establishing this Group is to provide a central forum for AML & KYC professionals to explore and understand how to transform and improve the AML & KYC industry. With extensive inefficiency and growing costs currently associated with operating AML & KYC processes, this Group will provide a range of information, ideas, research, thought-leadership, lessons learnt and debate on how to change and improve the AML & KYC industry and build a better future for anything related to AML & KYC operations. Overall, the Group aims to provide AML & KYC leaders with insights and tools to help improve their own existing operations and as a Group drive the AML & KYC industry forwards.