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TECHNOLOGY & DATA: Lysis Fintech combines our expertise in technology and data with our broad experience in Financial Crime Compliance and Client Lifecycle Management. Using our deep knowledge of these two areas, Lysis Fintech has identified and tested a wide range of solutions across several key AML and KYC processes, utilising our Innovation Lab capability. With this understanding, we have developed a range of unique solutions to some of the most challenging issues.


In addition, we have formed partnerships with market leading providers in technology and data solutions and can help our clients to both select and implement. Lysis Fintech can also help clients to understand and leverage the variety of new technology and data innovations appearing in Financial Crime Compliance and Client Lifecycle Management. Resourced and managed by AML and KYC experts, Lysis Fintech helps our clients to also understand how to apply technology and data more optimally to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver on the benefits of innovation.

We provide our services to financial service institutions including wholesale and investment banks, plus organisations from a range of other regulated industries, including estate agency businesses. In addition, our clients include cryptocurrency related businesses and legal firms.



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