Team Tune-up

Co-create the Vision - Make sure the vision has been co-created with your team so it will become more memorable. The vision needs to be in-built within the team’s DNA. It is crucial that team members are aware of the personal part they play in supporting the team’s vision.

Give each team member or Pod leader a domain of responsibility - What are your team members specifically accountable for? Self-worth is a key part of keeping a team tuned-up. A team who feel valued and relied upon tend to be highly tuned and focused.

Encourage the team to work outside of their comfort zone - This encourages innovation and autonomy which can lead to improved results. It’s important to challenge team members to utilise their personal store of untapped knowledge and resource. When team members take on a new task or have additional responsibility, they become more focused, engaged and committed.

Smart Working – How can you utilise your team more effectively? Identify team members who have an in-built desire to ‘do more’. Grant ownership and delegate new tasks where possible. This will help to empower your virtual teams. For example, drafting a desk-top manual relating to a troublesome process, setting up and maintaining an issue resolution forum or providing targeted training to the team.

Career Development – a great way to tune a team is to carefully map out their career development opportunities with a clear path for progression and promotion. Ensure the team can make progress on their goals for growth and understand the career paths available.


Lysis and DCM are on a global mission to support organisations and teams who are working remotely. Remote working now plays a significant part in how we conduct our business. It is critical for organisations to adapt to the new virtual world. Let’s use the world’s biggest working-from-home experiment to drive positive change within your organisation and create dynamic self-steering and self-governing teams of the future.