Team Diagnostic

Instant Snap Shot – a team assessment would help to identify improvement opportunities for virtual teams and highlight core factors that help or hinder sustainable team performance.

Continuous improvement opportunities for remote teams will help to boost motivation and drive engagement. It also demonstrates an on-going commitment to support, develop and improve team members in a time of isolation.

Improved awareness - a team diagnostic would provide greater awareness and alignment of untapped potential, team values & vision. This is a very effective way to understand the needs of your remote working team.

Identify knowledge gaps – a team diagnostic would help to uncover weakness which are limiting performance and bring to the light issues requiring immediate attention.

Motivation – There are many motivational theories that support the idea that people respond positivity when you take notice of them, when you invest in their career, and when you actively show you care about them as a person.

Conducting a team diagnosis will bring to life the various way you can improve a team of people, either by providing targeted training, supporting them to bridge certain knowledge gaps or investing in their future. If a team truly believes their leader cares about their personal development, they will become more committed and engaged.


Lysis and DCM are on a global mission to support organisations and teams who are working remotely. Remote working now plays a significant part in how we conduct our business. It is critical for organisations to adapt to the new virtual world. Let’s use the world’s biggest working-from-home experiment to drive positive change within your organisation and create dynamic self-steering and self-governing teams of the future.