Revolutionising Your Team in a Remote World

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We have all entered the brave new world of remote working. This has propelled many organisations to acclimatise quickly to new ways of operating. The world of work is evolving at real speed which creates issues that must be addressed, but also presents opportunities for forward-thinking firms to leverage.

The UK FCA has been very clear in stressing that these unprecedented times are not a holiday for money launderers and the regulator still ‘‘expects firms to take all reasonable steps to meet their regulatory obligations." Similar messages have emanated from most other regulators around the world and they have also highlighted new AML and terrorist financing risks that exist in this different world.

In today’s virtual world, how can you ensure you are meeting your regulatory obligations, maintaining critical business continuity and delivering value to your clients?

The challenges faced by remote working can cause wide reaching disruption:

  • Reduced team productivity

  • Loss of revenue through impaired client on-boarding functions

  • Operational Risk

  • Employee disengagement

  • Team Isolation

  • Burnout

Organisations who can adapt at speed will minimise their risks, identify positive change and improve the way their teams work and collaborate.

Lysis Operations has successfully transitioned all of its AML operations into the new virtual world. We see this as a real opportunity to push the boundaries of flexible behaviours and re-invent the way we work.

Lysis is delighted to announce it is working in partnership with DCM to offer services to the market that will streamline and revolutionise remote working teams.

DCM is a company exclusively focused on team optimisation and building sustainable high-performing teams of the future. DCM’s people and performance capability complements Lysis’ already established business lines of consulting, managed services, training, resourcing and innovation.

Through our strategic partnership, Lysis and DCM will bring to market our defined methodologies and recommendations to optimise team performance and keep your remote teams thriving. We are committed to supporting our global community of clients, partners and teams through this period of transition.

“Revolutionise your CLM & AML Operations teams in 6 days!”. Over the coming days we will be releasing six campaigns to transform your remote team!

Our 6 campaigns will focus on:

  1. Productivity drivers: How to ensure team productivity remains high in a virtual world.

  2. High-impact Transparency, Governance & Powerful MI: How to improve visibility, enhance stakeholder buy-in and maintain strong governance.

  3. Effective Leadership in a virtual world: How can leaders really make a difference in a remote world?

  4. Team diagnostic: Diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your team to drive positive change.

  5. Team Tune Up: Techniques to improve motivation and address issues identified by running some team diagnostics.

  6. Bespoke training: Take advantage of targeted training to improve and motivate your team.

Lysis and DCM are on a global mission to support organisations and teams who are working remotely. Remote working now plays a significant part in how we conduct our business. It is critical for organisations to adapt to the new virtual world.

Let’s use the world’s biggest working-from-home experiment to drive positive change within your organisation and create dynamic self-steering and self-governing teams of the future.