High Impact Transparency, Governance & Powerful MI

Develop a plan to ensure regular engagement - FAST meetings & team huddles can be replaced by MS Teams/ Zoom or similar video conference capability. All meetings should focus on purpose and outcomes. Not only will this foster a closer working culture, but it also allows everyone to see important non-verbal cues.

Break-out Cell/ Pod meetings via Zoom/ Google hangout or equivalent - Pod leads to chair FAST sessions, discuss micro level detail and provide updates. For instance, specific issues relating to a case, preparing for a triage session, or building a strategy to tackle non-responsive stakeholders. People tend to be more engaged in smaller groups and talk more freely.

Digital Brainstorming - Important to set up regular dedicated forums for rapid resolution and troubleshooting – these should be fixed in the diary bi-weekly or more frequently as required and chaired by a different person each time. It’s important to have a regular forum for people to raise issues and solve challenges.

Integrating Client with Team - Invite the client to personally join Zoom meetings / Daily Pod updates and copy the client directly into team comms where appropriate. If the client can see what is happening on the ground it helps to manage perception and build trust. In times of disruption and reduced visibility, it’s important to demonstrate ongoing effort and proactivity.

Pro-active stakeholder management – It is critical to have a robust check-in mechanism with your key stakeholders when working remotely. How are you currently communicating with your stakeholders? We would recommend formal and regular touch points throughout the week where issues / challenges can be discussed at source and on an intraday basis.

Lysis has developed a bespoke MI tool which can support your teams working remotely. Our MI provides storage and analysis of case-level detail, trend data, and the production of important reports and charts. The MI tool also provides a detailed case-movement analysis showing case churn and allowing the identification of process inefficiencies.

A daily bulletin report – A daily report summarising what has been completed, what challenges were faced & solved, faced and not yet solved and what actions sit with the client. The more transparency that can be created over productivity, successes, challenges and dependencies the more effective a remote operation will become.


Lysis and DCM are on a global mission to support organisations and teams who are working remotely. Remote working now plays a significant part in how we conduct our business. It is critical for organisations to adapt to the new virtual world. Let’s use the world’s biggest working-from-home experiment to drive positive change within your organisation and create dynamic self-steering and self-governing teams of the future.