Focused Training

On-line Training Needs Assessment (TNA) - Whilst your teams are dispersed and working remotely it is key to demonstrate an on-going commitment to develop your staff. Is now the right time to run an on-line TNA for your remote team? Lysis can provide an on-line TNA for your team to identify knowledge gaps and build a bespoke AML/ KYC training programme tailored to your needs.

PRISM Profiling – is an online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify behavioural preferences that relate to personal relationships and work performance. Profiling your team in today’s virtual world could prove to be very beneficial. The PRISM tool has a ‘team strengths’ measurement facility which measures both a team’s performance and the quality of inter-personal relationships within the team. It also can be used as a 360-degree feedback tool to include generic or in-house competencies.

Instant New Joiner Support - Lysis can provide remote training for your new joiners based upon the fundamentals of AML and KYC. This will help to ensure a seamless transition into your organisation and develop the knowledge base of your new joiners.

Seeding the more experienced team members with the new joiners. Working in pairs is an effective way to transfer knowledge and build confidence. This links back to our recommendation of dividing pods into smaller teams of 3-4 which drives collaboration and fosters closer working relationships.

Variety - It is important that training comprises various activities and that knowledge sharing remains interactive. Self-study, on-the-job, forums, modules, working test cases and sharing best practice are all important ways of improving a team’s knowledge. It is important to maintain a good balance between personalised training and interactive training.

Career Development – Promoting career development and carefully mapping out a route for progression and developing new skills is very important for remote teams. This demonstrates a critical investment in the team at a time when individuals may feel isolated and detached from the traditional working environment.


Lysis and DCM are on a global mission to support organisations and teams who are working remotely. Remote working now plays a significant part in how we conduct our business. It is critical for organisations to adapt to the new virtual world. Let’s use the world’s biggest working-from-home experiment to drive positive change within your organisation and create dynamic self-steering and self-governing teams of the future.