Effective Leadership in a virtual world

Develop a transformational leadership approach - This creates valuable and positive change in team members. It is carried out by motivating members of the group to achieve beyond what they could otherwise do. Transformational leaders have a vision that inspires and motivates followers to achieve important goals.

A transformational approach encourages big picture thinking, collaboration and a goal-oriented approach. Many senior leaders in a global organisation will already have experience of managing disparate teams, and therefore we would encourage them to support and coach less experienced leaders to move them towards a more transformational approach.

In a remote working environment, all managers, at all levels of the organisation, can benefit from a quick assessment of their leadership style. To start with it’s important to get the basics right:

  • Is your team communicating effectively?

  • Are they organised in the most efficient way?

  • Do staff feel supported?

  • Has work been allocated fairly and appropriately?

  • Do members of your team feel challenged?

  • Does the current technology enable your team to perform their job effectively?

  • Is there a strong culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing?