Career Pathway Programs to Tackle Social Mobility

In 2019, the Social Mobility Commission, which has a duty to assess the progression of improving social mobility in the UK, published the State of the Nation 2018-19: Social Mobility in Great Britain where they stated the following:

“To create an internationally competitive Britain, it is crucial that everyone can have effective second chances to gain qualifications and move up. This means access to quality ongoing training that delivers progression.”

Low levels of social mobility present a social challenge in Britain, specifically within the banking and finance industry. While there are applaudable schemes across a diverse sector, support for non-privileged students can be unambitious, with little evaluation of its impact. How can Lysis and the financial services industry work to ensure that both participants and organisations are able to benefit? How can we create sustainable programs that not only raise awareness of the issues at hand but also up-skill young people and allow us to track their progress and output within employment in corporate institutions?

We believe that the size of a firm should not determine the successfulness of a program. Where organisations clearly identify their objectives and understand their investment capabilities; they are able to allocate resources more effectively. A collaborative effort between institutions is ideal, where it is fundamental to commission partners to bring in their expertise – for instance, helping to recruit participants; develop a strategy, and identify training opportunities for employees who will support the program. In addition, the evaluation should not be overlooked. Whilst a project may seem convincing and productive, it is crucial to evaluate, monitor and assess the effectiveness and impact of the program to help identify areas for improvement and utilise resources most efficiently.

Since 2016, Lysis has partnered up with Damilola Taylor Trust (DTT) to design and deliver the City Careers Pathway Program (CCPP). The City Career Pathway Program provides post-secondary educational strategic and sequential training, with the aim of up-skilling individuals through work experience and training opportunities and potentially offering them employment. CCPP aims to give employment support and further opportunities to NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing the individuals with insight into the financial services industry. The program also aims to enhance both soft and technical skills through internships; networking events and conferences, and accredited training courses.

At Lysis, we believe in skill development and career progression within our organisation and as such have now implemented a new mentoring model into our pathway program. In addition to offering internships with conditional permanent employment, every participant is now teamed up with a mentor who helps them to identify their own objectives and help facilitate the individual through the internship process, acting as a champion and role model to that specific person.

Next year, Lysis will be launching our new 2020 pathway program with DTT. If you would like to know more about our Pathway Program, please visit our website https://www.lysisgroup.com/ or email us on info@lysisfinancial.com .


By Shola Ali-Arowosekila, Consultant at Lysis Group