Lynn Hurlston
Principal Consultant
Lynn Hurlston

Lynn joined the Lysis Financial and FinTech team bringing over 20 years’ experience in various roles within the financial services industry including director’s appointments, company and corporate secretarial services, head of registrar and transfer agency, manager of corporate and governance services providing oversight, AML/Financial Crime, compliance and governance guidance. She has worked with regulated fiduciary management companies and law firms in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Hong Kong where she significantly contributed to the successful development and improvement within these firms. In her roles as Head of Registrar and Transfer Agent Services, Manager of Company/Corporate Services and Corporate and Governance Manager (compliance solutions), Lynn headed departmental transformational change and team and individual development to achieve increased revenue and client retention. An understanding of business operations enabled her to effectively delegate strategic tasks when navigating complex issues.

Offices across the globe.