Transaction Laundering: The Emerging Threat

Methods of money laundering and terrorist financing have continued to evolve in response to changes in technology and payment solutions. This White Paper focusses on how Transaction Laundering works with some real-life cases of Transaction Laundering, expounds AML Risk Mitigation techniques for Transaction Laundering and offers solutions for combating Transaction Laundering.
Lysis Financial Whitepaper


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Case Study: LYSIS & NAPIER Transaction Monitoring

Lysis Operations Case Study. The challenge: A requirement to have an effective transaction monitoring framework, operational controls and processing to manage and monitor payments across Europe and to establish a solution which can adapt and iterate with the constantly-changing regulations and requirements.

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Successful Transaction
Overcoming Challenges
Through Collaboration

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In this paper, we take a closer look at the numbers relating to payments, transactions, and the world of compliance to help explain why some of the current transaction monitoring technologies and operational controls struggle to identify illicit activity. We then look at the role of technology and what future developments will bring to transaction monitoring.

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