Building out the client-offshore capabilities/ Standardisation of capabilities

The Client 

One of the largest US-based Tech commercial banks.  

The Challenge 

The client expressed a need to build-out their offshore capabilities. Therefore, they requested different scenarios that might be applied to complete the project successfully. This included the option to utilise Lysis resources to complete the project on behalf of the client and the other option consisted of the Lysis Group training the bank’s internal resources to become effective KYC analysts, which was the preferred option. Therefore, Lysis was appointed to build-out an offshore KYC capability for the client.  

The Solution 

The process included in-depth interviews with all potential analysts to determine their individual levels of experience. Experience has shown that certain behavioural profiles improve the chances of an individual to be a successful financial crime analyst. For this reason, Lysis utilised PRISM, which is a tailored behaviour profiling tool for aptitude selection and the results from the PRISM test were analysed to identify possible training gaps and positive trends. While PRISM was not used to discount analysts from the process it provided useful insights six months into the project when comparing the performance of each team member.  


This was followed by comprehensive standardised KYC training to the group of potential analysts which was tailored to the unique requirements of the project and included training on the client specific policies, procedures, and processes. The next step was to test the team via an online assessment tool, which was specifically designed to assess technical and theoretical knowledge in a bespoke manner.  


Lysis also provided dedicated quality control (QC) and client liaison resources which offered constant support and feedback for the duration of the project and developed the capabilities of the analysts to the required standard.  

The Outcome

This produced a team of fully trained analysts that could conduct end-to-end KYC analysis and created an opportunity for the bank to grow this team organically through cross-training.   


Most importantly, Lysis also made specific recommendations to the client on how to maintain the achieved level of standards. This involved the continuous assessment of their U.K compliance standards and to implement quality assessments across the team to ensure that standards are maintained as well as ensuring that new policy procedures are absorbed universally across the firm.