Lysis offers the following capabilities:


Portfolio and Programme Governance:

  • Benefits-oriented delivery

  • Steering Committee management

  • Programme design authority

  • Programme budget management and reporting

  • Senior stakeholder management

Operations and IT change management:

  • Embedding tangible

  • workable change in to the business operation

  • Delivery of tangible business benefit on the ground


Programme management:

  • Programme planning using a practical mix of waterfall and agile techniques

  • Management and execution of multiple linked projects ensuring that all team members are fully aware of their duties and managed to ensure progress

  • Senior stakeholder management and reporting


Project management:

  • Planning

  • Management and execution of a single project.


Project management office (PMO):

  • Project administration and reporting

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Lysis Financial _ AML Maturity Assessmen
Lysis Case Study _ AML Maturity Assessme



  • A large, global Dutch investment bank

  • A leading British retail bank with around 700 branches nationally

  • A global firm of professional intermediaries that operates in the world's financial, energy and commodities markets

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