When Lysis approaches Change Management challenges, we consider the following: ​

  • Critical business functions, their priorities and needs and any Service Level Agreements (or other time-based criteria) that should be met

  • End-to-end functional design

  • Outsourcing model covering what should be out-sourced to industry utilities, data providers, etc and what functions will be retained in-house

  • Geo-location model including effective use of low-cost centres where viable

  • Organisational model including identification of roles and responsibilities and the relevant Senior and Certified Manager roles under the SMCR

  • End-to-end process mapping across internal and 3rd-party entities

  • Risk management and controls mapping covering preventive and detective controls

  • Information model including use of industry-wide identifiers

  • Technology services and architecture

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Lysis Financial _ AML Maturity Assessmen



  • 60-project Board-sponsored Section 166 for a FTSE 100 financial services firm

  • Global Client On-Boarding Target Operating Model design and implementation across 60 countries

  • Set-up of a new off-shore operating centre for global KYC

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