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Lysis Academy provides Bespoke Training Courses to banks, financial services firms and estate agencies across the AML, KYC and Governance, Risk and Compliance spectrum.  


These courses can be delivered in-house or in clients’ offices anywhere in the world. Lysis Academy has successfully delivered bespoke training to firms globally (with large teams being trained in Germany, India, Poland and Malaysia), and has offices in New York, Frankfurt, Dublin and Edinburgh, as well as its Centre in the City of London.  


A tailor-made course is often the best way to ensure staff training fits the requirements and structure of the firm it is designed for, includes the elements that are most important, and excludes areas that may be superfluous to requirements.

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Lysis Financial _ AML Maturity Assessmen
Lysis Case Study _ AML Maturity Assessme



  • A German multinational investment bank and financial services company 

  • A leading, global mass media firm specialising in Financial Services information

  • Global credit card company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

  • A major global Japanese investment bank

  • A significant German investment banking and financial services company

  • A leading financial markets and commodities bank, headquartered in London