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We work with Financial Crime compliance functions to review their firm’s financial crime provisions and to design and implement improvements.


We can review and enhance AML policies, proceduralise them and provide training on those policies and procedures and on general AML themes.  ​  


Lysis can also work with AML Operations departments to develop operating procedures based on the firm’s AML policies ensuring that the procedures accurately reflect the requirements of the policies and also follow best-practice operating methods.

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Lysis Financial _ AML Maturity Assessmen
Lysis Case Study _ AML Maturity Assessme



  • A privately held financial, software, data, and media company headquartered in New York

  • A leading financial markets and commodities bank, headquartered in London

  • A leading British retail bank with around 700 branches nationally

  • A large, global Dutch investment bank

  • One of the largest banks in Africa and the Middle East and the largest and one of the oldest banks in Egypt

  • A new payment services provider offering multi-country and cross-currency accounts