Lysis is proud to continue its work with the Damilola Taylor Trust in 2018

With youth violence and, in particular, knife crime, since Damilola Taylor’s horrific murder becoming  more and more of an issue, we are proud to be working with the Damilola Taylor Trust in delivering their City Careers Pathway Programme, the objective of which is to provide participants from disadvantaged backgrounds experience and insight into working in the financial services industry. The Programme covers a number of roles and aspects, and provides insight into and experience of a number of different areas including Anti-money Laundering, IT support and generalist roles.

Lysis is keen to be taking steps to improve social mobility in the workplace and pays heed to the fact that research has consistently shown that people from more affluent backgrounds take a disproportionate number of the best jobs. Lysis feels that diversity enhances corporate performance and feels that everyone of suitable ability should have the chance to pursue a career of their choice. We are especially mindful at this time of the urgent need for more support and opportunities in the communities that tend to suffer most from the consequences of knife crime, and will continue our work with the Damilola Taylor Trust as part of this aim.

We also acknowledge the work of the Stephen Lawrence Trust in helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds further their careers, especially as today sees the 25th Anniversary Memorial Service for Stephen take place here in London. 

In 2017 we welcomed more than 30 young people into Lysis as part of their City Careers Pathway Programme experience, and have taken on many bright young people as a result. We are proud to be working with the Damilola Taylor Trust and look forward to welcoming more young people for workshops, work experience and internships, and hopefully employment, during 2018 and beyond.

We positively encourage other firms to get involved with the work we and the Damilola Taylor Trust are doing. The Trust can be contacted via this link: and we will be happy to talk to other firms about our experiences and offer any guidance we can. Please contact tom.griffiths@lysisfinancial or if you would like more information.